NETGEAR is known for innovative home and office networking products. Their latest product, called Orbi, is a smart and simple device that aims to end WiFi dead spots in homes. Ha Design was charged with the task of designing the logo for Orbi, one that would easily stand on its own or with the NETGEAR corporate logo. A major design objective for the logo was for it to graphically convey the same sense of ease that Orbi users would enjoy. The final design would be used on all packaging, marketing materials, and a user application.


easy, fun, enjoyable, simple, clean
non-intrusive, smooth, warm

Initial Concepts

After meeting with the Marketing team at NETGEAR to gain an in-depth understanding of Orbi, Ha Design went to work on creating several initial design concepts.

Final Design

The final design fully captures Orbi’s brand personality. The letterforms are smooth, with no hard angles, which lends to a non-intrusive look and feel. Lowercase letters further convey the fun and approachable nature of the brand. The logo caters to a broad audience who appreciate quick and easy home WiFi solutions that they can depend on.