Google Advisory Council

The Google Advisory Council is a division of Google that hosts semi-annual events for various industry leaders to come together in an open forum setting. The objective of the council is to serve as a space for sharing insights, trends, and new ideas. The council’s name was changed from Retail Advisory Council to Google Advisory Council as a way to expand beyond the retail sector and into other channels. Ha Design was asked to design a new logo for Google Advisory Council that would be recognizable and iconic, a meaningful symbol that stands for community while retaining the brand components of Google.


partnership, community, sharing, inspirational, innovative, open

Initial Concepts

After a brand discovery session with the team at Google in which we collected essential information about the council’s brand essence and vision, Ha Design went to work on creating several initial design concepts.

Final Design

The winning logo design graphically conveys the council’s values of openness, and community, complete with a visual sense of motion that captures their dynamic and innovative personality. Google’s colors and playful nature are reflected in the logo as a subtle tie-in to the highly recognizable brand.