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Meet Larisa

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be able to do my job without the help of those around me.  Our graphic designer, Larisa, is someone who tops that list.  After meeting her in 2012, I knew she would be a great fit for the studio. From graphic design to painting and even sewing, Larisa’s creative abilities seem endless. Her willingness to learn and try new skills has allowed her to grow with us. Please meet Larisa!

In her own words:
“Art has seeped into virtually every facet of my life for as long as I can remember. I paint, revamp old furniture, sew clothes and costumes, and occasionally sculpt. I delight in the abstract, fantastical, and intricate, and am often moved by the works and aesthetic cultures of earlier time periods. I have long adored practical beauty, visually expressive things that are just as functional as they are lovely to behold, and I was drawn to graphic design for this reason. Every business needs a “face” to its name, one that communicates its purpose and distinguishes it from its competitors. Design makes this possible.”