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Why Does Your Business Exist?

Before I start working with a client, I ask many questions to get to know them and their business. This discovery process is what allows me to create designs that are unique and meaningful. There’s always one question that really gets them thinking – that question is WHY?

Everyone knows WHAT they do and by the time clients come to me, they have a pretty good idea of HOW they plan to do it. But very few of them have asked themselves WHY they do it. The answer to this question shouldn’t be something like “to make money” or “to become successful.” The answer to this question calls for a deeper look into why your business exists. Why do you get out of your warm bed in the morning to sit in an office for 8+ hours. Why do you check emails and read articles until you fall asleep at night?

Why does your business exist? Is it to help a cause that means a lot to you? Is it to provide something that you were missing as a mom, dad, student, patient, or consumer? Is it your calling because you have a special talent or skill that needs to be shared with the world? When you answer this question, you are speaking from your heart and not your mind. And when you send that message out to your target audience, you will attract those who believe what you believe. They want to be a part of what you’re selling. These are the best customers and are the ones that will keep coming back.

I always know when I’m about to hear the true answer to a client’s WHY when I see a tiny spark in their eyes as they begin to tell me the story of how their business began. When this happens, I’m reminded of why I get up every morning to do what I do.