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Does Your Company Need a New Logo? 7 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

I often receive requests from clients who wish to redesign their website, but feel that their logo (that they’ve had since the start of their business) should remain the same. Whether the reason is cost saving or a sentimental attachment to their existing logo, the end result is a sleek new website that is ruined by the old, outdated logo. This is a common mistake that many business owners make simply because they don’t recognize that their logo may be in need of a redesign. To help companies make the decision on whether or not their logo needs a redesign, here are 7 key questions to ask yourself.

Did a friend or family member design your logo?

Many businesses start off small – really small. With tight budgets and little resources, many business owners seek the help of designing their logo from friends or family members who are not professional designers. While the logo may have served its purpose for the first few years, it may be time to seek the help of a professional designer to take your logo AND your business to a whole new level.

Is your logo fitting in with your new marketing material?

You hired a professional designer to create an array of new marketing material for your business but somehow your old logo just seems off. This could be a hint that your logo design is outdated or simply does not fit in with your company’s new visual language. Still hesitant about updating your logo? Think about how much money you will spend on the design and printing of your new marketing material. Why soil all of your efforts with a logo that no longer fits in?

Does your logo have drop shadows, reflections, or 3-D effects?

It is my personal belief that a great logo design is simple, clean, and concise. An effective logo captures the essence of a company with just a few design elements –  the fewer, the better.  There is often no need for drop shadows, reflections, 3-D effects, or intricate design elements. These things can be left to your marketing material – or better yet – never used at all.

Does your logo contain clip art?

Does this question even need further clarification? Clip art not only cheapen your logo design, they take away any sort of uniqueness that were hoping to establish for your business.

Is your logo more than 10 years old?

While a great logo should last through decades, it’s easy for your logo to start looking dated even if it was a beauty at the time it was created. This is because the industries are ever evolving and changing at a rapid pace. This doesn’t mean you need to keep rebranding your company, it just means that your logo may need a refresh while still maintaining its original brand identity – think Apple, Starbucks, and Pepsi. These companies opted for subtle changes that gave their logos the “facelift” necessary to stay relevant.

Does your logo reflect something you no longer do?

This is a simple one. If your business grew to offer new products and services and your current logo limits you to only the original products and services, it may be time for a change. Consider a new logo that captures the feeling of your company rather than spell out what it is you do. I like to design logos that have more to say about the company’s core values as opposed to its products and services.

Is your logo too trendy?

When it comes to trends, it’s best to leave them to the fashion industry. While your logo design should be relevant and current, it should never be overly trendy. Trends come and go and what may look great this year may not be so great next year. You want a logo that could stand the test of time.  Remember that longevity is key when it comes to your brand identity.