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A Brand is Born | Holistic Legal Services

To us, an ideal client is someone who eagerly participates as we take them through our design process. More importantly, the client honors what we do and sees the true value of brand design. Holistic Legal Services is that client. At the time of our first meeting, we learned that their values and business philosophy was very similar to ours. Needless to say, we were thrilled when they chose us to rebrand the company.

Holistic Legal Services provides high quality immigration legal services. Their holistic approach is about healing, empowering, balancing, and transforming their clients. Ha Design worked on designing a brand identity that encapsulates everything Holistic Legal Services stands for.

Logo and brand identity

We designed a logo that has multiple layers of meaning. The icon is shaped like the letter “H” to represent Holistic. The same icon also takes the shape of a butterfly to symbolize the transformation that Holistic Legal Services brings about for their clients. The overall look and feel is strong and distinctive, yet soft and wholesome.


Holistic Legal Services logo


The website

We decided that the look and feel for Holistic Legal Services’ website would be drastically different from most other law firms. Instead of using legal related images, we incorporated imagery from nature to capture the spirit of the company. The highly visual website enables visitors to get a feel of the company’s personality. The clean and user-friendly design allows them to quickly access useful information.

The client feels that we have captured their brand beautifully. They felt that this process helped them redefine their business ideals and now they can look forward to reemerging as a new brand.

Holistic Legal Services website

HLS website

Visit the website and let us know what you think.

Portraits by Heartbox Photography.